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Upcoming events

Posted on: May 27th, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

On Friday, Phil Forte will be playing with the Lovecapades and Jesse Hart. Then on Saturday, Prime Time Real Estate, Auditory Disposition, Lycanthrope, Renegade and Camel in the Headlights will be performing. You can always look at our calendar to see what else is going on around Provo.

Check out our videos of Phil Forte and Prime Time Real Estate, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep up with our videos.

Mindy Gledhill and Meaghan Smith will be playing the next concert in the Rooftop Concert Series on Friday, June 3. In related news about free concerts, the line-up for Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series was recently announced.

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Muse’s Battle of the Bands: Night One

Posted on: May 4th, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

The first four bands to compete in our summer battle of the bands were: No Name Needed, Avalanche, Amiamo and Phil Forte. Amiamo will be advancing to the final round on Saturday, and you can watch a video of one of their songs on our YouTube channel. Subscribe while you’re there!

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