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New sandwich bread and art in the cafe

Posted on: September 11th, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

We now have fresh, homemade bread for our sandwiches. You can also buy a piece of toast for $1 or toast and tea for $2.50.

It is delicious!

Radiation City (from Portland) stopped by on their nationwide tour

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

Rachel Slawson, His Name Is Simon and Don Juan all played on August 11 as well. Below are some photos from the show; click to enlarge and use the arrow keys to scroll through. (Check our Facebook page for videos tomorrow, and be sure to like us!)

To this week… and beyond!

Posted on: August 10th, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

On Wednesday, August 10th, we are hosting a ward dance party for the first time. If your ward is interested in having a party here too, contact us!

Then on Thursday, Radiation City from Portland, Oreg. is playing with His Name Is Simon and Don Juan [Facebook event]. Listen to some of Radiation City’s songs below:

His Name Is Simon and Don Juan are both relatively new bands, but Don Juan has already been getting some praise on Twitter:

Side Dish’s tenth anniversary show is on Friday, and Super Hero and Fatigi will be playing as well. Just in case you forgot, Fatigi won our summer battle of the bands, and they’re the band featured on our home page.

Tara Craig (from Austin, Texas) performs Saturday with Janey Lyon and Whitley Collier. Janey and Whitley are both located in Utah, and all three artists play sweet folk music.

Chance Lewis, Apt, Shawty and the Beast and more

Posted on: July 3rd, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

On June 24, 2011, Muse hosted a local hip-hop show featuring Chance Lewis, Apt, Shawty & the Beast, Bonus Bandits, Dream Eater, MC Untytled and Al the Golden Child.

Al the Golden Child and MC Untytled started off the show, but I arrived a little late and didn’t get to see them perform.
Dream Eater, Landon Young’s solo electronic project, took the stage next and said, “This is going to be a change of pace, so come closer.” Landon hung the mic cable from his neck and came off the stage to dance during a few songs, and he even got the crowd to sing along to one of them.
Next up, the Bonus Bandits brought “The Don” from The Playground Bandits onstage to rap and dance with them for a few songs. The high point of the Bonus Bandits’ set was a rap about beards, and after the song, the clean-shaven Bandit in a striped shirt told the crowd that his bearded bandmate had been growing his beard for 11 months straight. The Bonus Bandits ended on a high note, and everyone stayed close to the stage in anticipation for the next act.
Shawty and the Beast had more energy than all the previous acts combined, and they fed off of the attention of the crowd to give them a high-powered set. It was obvious that this was who the audience came to see, along with the headlining act of some more local hip-hop favorites, Apt and Chance Lewis.
Apt, who calls himself #kinghipster on twitter, invited the people in the cafe portion of the venue to come watch him by telling them, “all of my hipster friends, you can come in here now.” Apt and Chance Lewis used the free-flowing, collaborative nature of a hip-hop show to their advantage, and wove their songs together along with bringing a few guests on-stage to perform with them including Cody Rigby, Emily Brown and Donnie Bonelli. Cody sang parts of the chorus to one song, and Emily sang the melody on another. Donnie Bonelli, wearing short orange swim trunks, proceeded to make up a rap about Apt’s mother. The final few songs of the night included Apt’s new single, “Apt Is the New Nervous” and Chance Lewis’s “Velour Girls.”

Click photos to enlarge and scroll through using the arrow keys.

Upcoming events (and look at our new booths!)

Posted on: June 23rd, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

We got some new booths a couple of weeks ago, so if you haven’t seen them yet then come on over and try one of our new sandwiches too.

There are a lot of great shows coming up in the next two weeks. On Thursday, June 23, Divine Comedy is stopping by Muse again. Friday’s show has Chance Lewis, Apt and other hip hop and electronic acts, and Saturday is Schroeder’s CD release.

Check out our calendar for more upcoming events in Provo, and be sure to support the free Rooftop Concert Series as well; the next show is on July 1.

Jon Schmidt records new music video at Muse Music Cafe

Posted on: May 19th, 2011 by Alex Powelson 1 Comment

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson recorded their new video, Michael meets Mozart, at Muse Music Cafe after bad weather conditions changed their plans to shoot outside in Salt Lake City. The entire video was recorded on Tuesday, May 10.

Check out our photos from the video shoot, and watch the video below:

Sego #3

Posted on: October 2nd, 2008 by musemusiccafe No Comments

Sego was a blast! We are so impressed with the Sego Arts Foundation and all it’s volunteers for putting this together. If you didn’t go, you really missed the best day of the year.

We had fun at our sandwich booth, and appreciate everyone who came over to get some sustanance and all the awesome compliments. It makes us feel so great, EVERY time. The turkey pesto’s sure were popular. We almost ran out. But alas, the gas in our generator did first. Thanks, to all of you who came to order, even in the dark. Thats dedication. Can’t wait until next years Sego!

2 BIG NIGHTS celebrating 2 new businesses, the anniversary of another, local art, and great music!!!!!

Posted on: November 30th, 2007 by musemusiccafe No Comments

Muse Music &…..CAFE!!!!! Our cafe is coming soon! Friday and Saturday, December 7th and 8th will be the grand opening. Next door, Coal Umbrella, a brand new vintage clothing boutique, will be having their grand opening as well. Down the block the always spectacular, always stylin’ Mode Boutique will be having their 1 year aniversary with catering. Velour is also having their finals for the battle of the bands. ALL 4 businesses, + Velour and Miestros Giloto Cafe (around the corner on center street) will be hosting artists for the downtown gallary stroll on Friday!!! What an awesome weekend to be in Provo.

You may have noticed changes each time you come into Muse Music. If you can remember, not too long ago we didn’t even have a floor. Little by little our little cafe has been coming together with hard work and much appreciated advice from Kristin/”Red” (Previous owner of the beloved and departed Vermillion Skies Cafe). And we’re quite proud of the progress we’ve made. We can’t wait for people to see the changes, and finally experience what we have been envisioning for our small space!

The Cafe will serve a variety of drinks, including Itallian Soda’s, hot cocoa (with large selection of syrup flavors), steamers, fountain soda’s, Rockstar energy drinks, and seasonal drinks, (wassail, eggnog, and spiced cidar for December). In addition to drinks we’ll have a few sandwhich selections and tasty sweet pastries, treats, and chocolaty things. Mmmmm…..that is, IF I don’t eat all our chocolaty treat inventory.

We will also have some pretty great music rockin’ the night away. Jame’s Belliston will be having his CD release show with Larusso, Forgotten Charity, and Night Night (all playing accoustic) on Friday the 7th. We have an amazing line-up for Saturday, the 8th. Saint Sebastions School for Wicked Girls, Elizabethan Report , Declaration, Johan the Angel, and the Kid You Naughts