Chance Lewis, Apt, Shawty and the Beast and more

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On June 24, 2011, Muse hosted a local hip-hop show featuring Chance Lewis, Apt, Shawty & the Beast, Bonus Bandits, Dream Eater, MC Untytled and Al the Golden Child.

Al the Golden Child and MC Untytled started off the show, but I arrived a little late and didn’t get to see them perform.
Dream Eater, Landon Young’s solo electronic project, took the stage next and said, “This is going to be a change of pace, so come closer.” Landon hung the mic cable from his neck and came off the stage to dance during a few songs, and he even got the crowd to sing along to one of them.
Next up, the Bonus Bandits brought “The Don” from The Playground Bandits onstage to rap and dance with them for a few songs. The high point of the Bonus Bandits’ set was a rap about beards, and after the song, the clean-shaven Bandit in a striped shirt told the crowd that his bearded bandmate had been growing his beard for 11 months straight. The Bonus Bandits ended on a high note, and everyone stayed close to the stage in anticipation for the next act.
Shawty and the Beast had more energy than all the previous acts combined, and they fed off of the attention of the crowd to give them a high-powered set. It was obvious that this was who the audience came to see, along with the headlining act of some more local hip-hop favorites, Apt and Chance Lewis.
Apt, who calls himself #kinghipster on twitter, invited the people in the cafe portion of the venue to come watch him by telling them, “all of my hipster friends, you can come in here now.” Apt and Chance Lewis used the free-flowing, collaborative nature of a hip-hop show to their advantage, and wove their songs together along with bringing a few guests on-stage to perform with them including Cody Rigby, Emily Brown and Donnie Bonelli. Cody sang parts of the chorus to one song, and Emily sang the melody on another. Donnie Bonelli, wearing short orange swim trunks, proceeded to make up a rap about Apt’s mother. The final few songs of the night included Apt’s new single, “Apt Is the New Nervous” and Chance Lewis’s “Velour Girls.”

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Upcoming events (and look at our new booths!)

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We got some new booths a couple of weeks ago, so if you haven’t seen them yet then come on over and try one of our new sandwiches too.

There are a lot of great shows coming up in the next two weeks. On Thursday, June 23, Divine Comedy is stopping by Muse again. Friday’s show has Chance Lewis, Apt and other hip hop and electronic acts, and Saturday is Schroeder’s CD release.

Check out our calendar for more upcoming events in Provo, and be sure to support the free Rooftop Concert Series as well; the next show is on July 1.

Rooftop Concert #2 – Meaghan Smith, Mindy Gledhill and Ryan Innes

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The headlining act of the second Provo Rooftop Concert was recent Juno award winner Meaghan Smith, a Canadian singer-songwriter who is signed to Warner Brothers Records. Locals Mindy Gledhill and Ryan Innes opened the show for her.

Meaghan recorded this video to promote the show:

And here are some photos and live footage from the show:

Book on Tape Worm plays last show (until January) at Velour

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Book on Tape Worm played their “last show until January” at Velour on Saturday, May 28. As you’ll see in the pictures, the bands all played on the floor, surrounded by everyone, and the stage was filled with seats.
Unfortunately, I missed the first hour of the show, so I didn’t get to see Apt, Cory Mon, Cody Rigby and Donnie Bonelli play before The Moth and the Flame. You can check out the #100block tag on twitter to see what some people were saying about the show (and if you’re ever at a show on 100 Block, tag your tweets with #100block so we can find you!)

During their first song, The Moth and the Flame‘s guitarist and lead vocalist Brandon Robbins played a message from his cell phone through his guitar pickups, and he continued to strum his guitar with the phone so the audience could hear a woman’s voice behind the sound of the guitar. Towards the end of the song, he took another cell phone and sang with both of them near the microphone for an additional effect, as you can see in the photos below.

Later on in their set, the audience sang along with The Moth and the Flame, and you can watch a clip of that below:

More photos of The Moth and the Flame:

Book on Tape Worm‘s Scott Shepard prefaced their first song by saying that Book on Tape Worm would be playing all of their songs that night, including some rarely-heard songs. He also announced that thanks to their Kickstarter project, they would be able to finish recording before the three band members (Shepard, Emily Brown and Ciera Black) all part ways for the summer and fall.

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Book on Tape Worm calls their band “the world’s first lullaband,” and that’s probably the best way to describe their music. Their songs are mostly characterized by beautiful, captivating arrangements and vocal harmonies, and while their music may be able to put you to sleep, it’s not a bad thing. See for yourself:


Upcoming events

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On Friday, Phil Forte will be playing with the Lovecapades and Jesse Hart. Then on Saturday, Prime Time Real Estate, Auditory Disposition, Lycanthrope, Renegade and Camel in the Headlights will be performing. You can always look at our calendar to see what else is going on around Provo.

Check out our videos of Phil Forte and Prime Time Real Estate, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep up with our videos.

Mindy Gledhill and Meaghan Smith will be playing the next concert in the Rooftop Concert Series on Friday, June 3. In related news about free concerts, the line-up for Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series was recently announced.

Provo music

Divine Comedy performed at Muse Music Cafe

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On Thursday, May 19, BYU’s Divine Comedy performed some sketches at Muse. They kicked things off by throwing out glow sticks to the audience, and then they went right into their skits. Topics ranged from awkward first dates to songs that make terrible things seem ok.

Below are some photos from this event; click to enlarge and use the arrow keys to scroll through.

Jon Schmidt records new music video at Muse Music Cafe

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Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson recorded their new video, Michael meets Mozart, at Muse Music Cafe after bad weather conditions changed their plans to shoot outside in Salt Lake City. The entire video was recorded on Tuesday, May 10.

Check out our photos from the video shoot, and watch the video below:

May 12 & 13 show recap

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On Thursday, May 12, Muse hosted a hip-hop show featuring MC Pigpen, Pat Maine, Chance Lewis, Apt, Venom and Arhythmatik.

MC Pigpen is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he is working on an album with Pat Maine, also from Salt Lake. Chance Lewis, Apt and Arhythmatik are all located in Provo, and Venom is from Orem.

Then on Friday, May 13, electronic acts Gigawhat and Dream Eater played along with Jason Tidwell and Tess Bybee.

Muse’s Battle of the Bands: The Final Post

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The five bands that competed in our final night of Battle of the Bands were: Amiamo, The Old World, Fatigi, Prime Time Real Estate and Please Be Human.

Amiamo took third place, The Old World was second and Fatigi (who brought their “band mascot,” Fatiguy) took first place.

The judges were:

John-Ross Boyce of John-Ross Boyce and His Troubles and former columnist for

Adam Hochhalter a.k.a. APT, who coined the phrase “Hundred Block.”

Sterling Beck of the Provo City Council, who is also B Money’s neighbor.

Provo Rooftop Concert Series on May 6

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Emily Brown, Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm, and Fictionist played the first concert of the Rooftop Concert Series, which will continue through the summer. The next concert is on June 3 with Meaghan Smith and Mindy Gledhill.

Click on the photo to enlarge, and use the arrow keys to scroll through.