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The Dinner and Bikes Tour is stopping by Muse on Saturday, Sept. 17

Posted on: September 16th, 2011 by Alex Powelson No Comments

Because of the BYU vs. U of U game, we will actually be having brunch at 11 instead of dinner. You can read everything about the Dinner and Bikes Tour on their website, but I, your friendly neighborhood blogger, just want to say that I saw them the last time these guys came through (I think it was a year ago) and it was awesome.

This time around, they are bringing a vegan chef (Joshua Ploeg) to make a meal for everyone; so, tickets are between $10-20 and this includes the meal. Joe Biel will have a collection of Microcosm zines (which I saw last time: AWESOME!) and will be showing clips from his upcoming documentary about bike culture. Elly Blue will be speaking more about bike culture and about other bicycling issues; it’s very informative and will help show how we can make Provo more bicycle-friendly.

Please stop by for an entertaining and informative morning – Facebook event

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