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2 BIG NIGHTS celebrating 2 new businesses, the anniversary of another, local art, and great music!!!!!

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Muse Music &…..CAFE!!!!! Our cafe is coming soon! Friday and Saturday, December 7th and 8th will be the grand opening. Next door, Coal Umbrella, a brand new vintage clothing boutique, will be having their grand opening as well. Down the block the always spectacular, always stylin’ Mode Boutique will be having their 1 year aniversary with catering. Velour is also having their finals for the battle of the bands. ALL 4 businesses, + Velour and Miestros Giloto Cafe (around the corner on center street) will be hosting artists for the downtown gallary stroll on Friday!!! What an awesome weekend to be in Provo.

You may have noticed changes each time you come into Muse Music. If you can remember, not too long ago we didn’t even have a floor. Little by little our little cafe has been coming together with hard work and much appreciated advice from Kristin/”Red” (Previous owner of the beloved and departed Vermillion Skies Cafe). And we’re quite proud of the progress we’ve made. We can’t wait for people to see the changes, and finally experience what we have been envisioning for our small space!

The Cafe will serve a variety of drinks, including Itallian Soda’s, hot cocoa (with large selection of syrup flavors), steamers, fountain soda’s, Rockstar energy drinks, and seasonal drinks, (wassail, eggnog, and spiced cidar for December). In addition to drinks we’ll have a few sandwhich selections and tasty sweet pastries, treats, and chocolaty things. Mmmmm…..that is, IF I don’t eat all our chocolaty treat inventory.

We will also have some pretty great music rockin’ the night away. Jame’s Belliston will be having his CD release show with Larusso, Forgotten Charity, and Night Night (all playing accoustic) on Friday the 7th. We have an amazing line-up for Saturday, the 8th. Saint Sebastions School for Wicked Girls, Elizabethan Report , Declaration, Johan the Angel, and the Kid You Naughts

Battle of the Bands

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It’s been a few weeks now, but I have to mention it because it was SO GOOD. The latest battle of the bands was one of the best I have ever experienced. Many of the bands were new or relatively unknown. The quality of music from these bands was delightfully fresh, full of energy and excitement.

First place went to veterans The Elizabethan Report, who never fail to give a spectacularly lively performance and pump up the crowd. If you missed them, come to the grand opening of the Cafe here at Muse December 7th to see them in action. If you were there, catch them again! Maple Grove came in second followed by After Midnight in third place.

Two of my personal fav’s of the week:

The Skinny Mice. (Also played in the finals) These guys make the “listening to music” part of a show interesting again, if you know what I mean.

Less Yes. Unfortunately this musical brilliance has moved to California already.

We’re bloggin’

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It’s about time Muse got a blog! Our new tubular blogspot is all about local. Local events, local art, local craft, local food, local people, local business, and of course… local MUSIC. It’s also a place to read about the most important happenings with Muse Music and Cafe. For frequent happenings and a calendar you’d still want to go to the Muse website or sign up for the email list, but here we’ll keep it more casual.

I want to encourage any readers to submit blogs, or ideas for blogs pertaining to the subject matter. Help keep me updated so I can keep Provo updated on the latest, greatest, and grooviest of Provo. Volunteers for reviewing local shows and cd’s would be killer as well. Drop us an e-mail.