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Welcome to Muse Music Cafe .com – The hub of Music, Art and Culture in Utah Valley.

If you’re a band, come eat, play shows, record tracks, and find fans. Tell us about your house shows so we can post them on the calendar. Let us link to your websites and like your Facebook pages.

If you’re a fan, come eat, watch shows, and support the next big artists from Utah. Check the calendar for upcoming events at all the local music venues. Muse is open Tuesday through Saturday nights for shows, and Monday night is open-mic night.

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Our new blog, Musings of Provo, chronicles the music, art and events that are happening around town.


Provo music

Fatigi, pictured above, won our summer Battle of the Bands.

What is happening in Provo?


Provo is full of talented artists and musicians, who we love to support and promote. If you want to follow the Provo music scene, go ahead and visit our blog. Stay tuned for more news and upcoming events at Muse.

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